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Phoebe Underwood


5 cookmj1

I sold my old house and bought a new house with Phoebe. She’s knows the Seattle market extremely well, is great at negotiating the best fair value, and is just a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without reservation.

5 user99428858

Phoebe worked with my wife and me a full two years before we were ready to buy a house in seattle. She took time out – even though she knew we were nowhere near ready to move, nor were we sure we were actually going to move – and helped us get familiar with the various neighborhoods we were interested in. My wife had lived in Seattle for quite some time so she knew the neighborhoods, but I didn’t. Phoebe was patient and set up appointments to see houses in the areas we wanted to see, and opened our eyes to other possibilities in the area. She was punctual and flexible.

When we finally did move, we found our house fairly quickly, because of all the leg work we and Phoebe had already done. She has a wonderful network of inspectors and other experts that helped us understand the house and it’s potential. Although the house was bank owned and the bank was unwilling to negotiate, Phoebe used the data pulled from her team to get us about $10,000 in credit off for things like a new roof.

All in all, we felt very taken care of. Phoebe is a hard worker and understands the business in a way that helped me – a total novice – “get it”.

5 shopdiva8387

As first time home buyers we had a lot of questions and Phoebe was the perfect fit for us because she had a solution for all of them! What I loved about working with Phoebe is her determination to get us an answer to our question and if she didn’t know (which was rare because she has so much experience), she’d find out for us! She is highly knowledgeable in contractual law and will be a great advocate for buyers. We knew nothing about home buying and working with Phoebe gave us confidence in our purchase. She understood what we were looking for better than we even did ourselves. I really appreciated how respectful she was of our budget limitations given we are still in our twenties and haven’t hit the jackpot yet. Since buying a home is such an emotional and huge decision we were so happy we had Phoebe in our corner to guide us through the process. What I found so refreshing is Phoebe continues to reach out even though we got our keys three months ago with neat articles about the area or other home ideas. I highly recommend her as an agent!

5 MichaelLeeChapman

We were looking at homes so we could get and idea on what we would like to buy in the following year. We walked into a place and fell in love with it. We knew that we needed to buy the home we fell in love with now and not wait until the following year to make a purchase. We closed on our new home in twenty eight days. Thanks to Phoebes help.

5 jasonorstan

I was casually looking for something to buy near the height of the real estate boom in Seattle, and met Phoebe at an open house. We immediately clicked and ended up spending months together looking at places. She was incredibly knowledgeable about Seattle having spent her whole life there, and showed me about a million houses. Okay, maybe not a million, but she didn’t hard sell me and was patient through 3 offers. I ended up getting the one I wanted despite 5 other offers, and sold my place as the bubble was bursting in 3 days. Also she’s a great hang! Super fun, full of energy, and knows everything there is to know about the Emerald City. Call her!

5 dianetiao

Phoebe was absolutely wonderful! This was my first time buying a home and she walked me through everything I needed to know. I felt like she was always on my side, supportive and great at sharing her expertise through each step of the way. She was extremely knowledgeable and spent the time to talk to me about anything and everything. I trusted her opinions and guidance and appreciated her insights. She was genuine and completely on my team!

5 timothy meinig

Phoebe is awesome and really helped us find a great deal on a first home. We had been looking for a while and she always had time for us. She is patient, optimistic, and also realistic. This is a tough market and I would not want to work with anyone else.

5 zuser20140618203332725

Pheobe is a real go-getter. She will work with you at all hours of the day and night. She called me back at 10:30pm to offer assistance. She took us to see our first place within 24 hours of talking and we had an offer out within 36. Even in this tough market, we successfully purchased our dream home with our second offer. Pheobe negotiated through a difficult lending snafu to get us in our home fast. Phoebe is kind, compassionate, and extremely enthusiastic. It was pleasure working with her. She kept our spirits up and helped us find our home.

5 BryleyHull

Amazing! The process for my place a little different since it was a foreclosure. Phoebe went above and beyond to make a stressful process smooth. She was fun, smart, determined and focused. I can not recommend her highly enough. Hands down she is what you want in an agent!!

5 Cheryl Ebs

Phoebe’s expertise, persistence and top notch negotiation skills are the ONLY reason we closed on our new home! It was a foreclosure and truly wrapped up in red tape. We loved the whole process with Phoebe, she was interested in getting us into our perfect home. We knew we could trust her opinions that they were coming from a place of guidance and knowledge and not a slick sales pitch. The fact that we can say we loved the process when we bought a foreclosure is a testimate to her skills. We look forward to working with Phoebe again and again.

5 j_ebsworth

We met Phoebe at an open house during our long house search. We hadn’t found an agent we liked until we met Phoebe, we immediately liked her casual style and local knowledge. Our search included multiple Seattle areas and she showed us properties and gave us local knowledge to make the right decision. We’re so happy with the house she found us and the price we paid. We got a great deal on a foreclosure!

4 user24918867

Phoebe listened and understood what kind of home we were looking to buy and found the perfect home for us. We have hired her on multiple home buys for over a decade. She’s a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her.

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